kredlife - krēd


krēd, a lifestyle brand, was created by a group of friends who shared a passion for living life and giving back. Unconditional love and never giving up formed the true story of two addicts who helped each other climb out of their addictions therefore giving birth to the idea of krēd. They discovered that being real and authentic are vital to a new way of life. Their focus is on being physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

The foundation of krēd comes from the sheer desire to share the message of hope and to give back to others. By giving their resources and time, they aim to help those who are struggling to find freedom from addiction and to bring the issues of recovery into the public eye. They want to break down the barriers and the outdated stereotypes surrounding addiction that often times hinder a person’s ability to really change. A portion of all sales goes to helping further their cause. The team at krēd is on the front line in the battle against addiction where things get raw and ugly. They are willing to face the issues that others don't want to talk about.  

Whatever your struggle, the message of krēd is that there is freedom. Whether your addiction has touched your life or that of someone you love, they invite you on this journey with them. Together we can accomplish what we can never do alone.

Come join us on our journey and experience krēd to the core.